Mitchell Cassimatis

Trade Scholar



My niche interest in construction is green sustainable architecture. I’m extremely interested to learn the various sustainable building methods used around the world so that I can incorporate them into the building I am involved with in Australia in the future.  

When it comes to the construction industry, the Scandinavian countries of Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are some of the world leaders in green infrastructure. They have chosen to be the leaders of building technologies so that they can benefit throughout the year in their cold climate. This has led to them adapting their building methods to be able to design their buildings to suit the end user. Australia, on the other hand, have sadly not kept up with the world when it comes to sustainable technologies and building methods. This has had a significant effect on the Australian building industry as we have missed out on the benefits of cost-effective technologies. 

My goal is to help others in the community as much as I can, and in any way I can. I hope to do this by passing on any information and knowledge I have gained from this scholarship s. As a part of my professional job, I am involved in upgrading public schools and infrastructure to give them new classrooms and disability infrastructure to increase their learning experience.  

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