Networking for Sustainability in Agriculture

BBM CEO Melanie Stray with Cameron Archer, past Principal, before a meeting at TOCAL Agricultural College with James Hooke to discuss land care, water management and data management in agriculture. Cameron and James were particularly pleased that awardees can now travel globally in pursuit of the best award experience for their area of interest, such as precision agriculture.

Looking to the future, Cameron sees the three key frontiers for agriculture as animal welfare, food integrity and social licence to operate. These areas will influence the future focus of some of our industry-led awards.

Some of our awardees are already using their BBM award opportunity to gain global insights into these fields, with Annabelle Butler studying low stress stock handling in the US and Ardina Jackson focussing much of her professional learning on social licensing: “Social license, public image and factual information with Crop and Livestock are essential as growing populations are more educated about the ethics around their food. There is a diverse range of mentors we, as youth, need to open our minds to. It wouldn’t be a single factor that changes our future, it will be the combination of factors – That’s why it’s so wonderful to see the broad range of awardees with their own independent direction toward future goals.”

These are just two of our agriculture awardees scoping their careers towards sustainability in agriculture, and we will work closely with our partners like TOCAL to create the best opportunities possible for young people to shape a sustainable future for Australia’s agriculture.

12th March, 2019

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