Nicholas Burton

2018 Drama Scholar

Nick Burton

“My name is Nicholas Burton. I’m an actor, writer, producer from Sydney. After training at NIDA for three years, I felt like I was in a little bubble, cut off from the real world. So, the goal for my trip was too experience the reality of what it’s like to audition in Los Angeles and also create a network for myself. On average, I was meeting one casting director every two days and would usually have about three scenes to prepare a night, all different in style and genre.


My goal was to come back feeling more confident with my US auditions and self tapes and with the opportunity to be in multiple rooms a week, I found that confidence and passion. Being able to form relationships with casting directors is such an essential part of our industry and this trip really allowed me to achieve that.


I was lucky enough to go onto the CBS lot for a session as well as the Warner brothers lot. Seeing these studios operating was so refreshing and eye-opening to see. I have kept in contact with everyone I met in the states and look forward to going back and re-connecting soon.”


Watch Nick’s video on the wealth of experiences, things to learn from throwing yourself into the deep end, and how to do it successfully. A great account with hands-on tips not just for actors trying to get a foot in the door of America’s great studios, but for anyone travelling out on their own with a dream to chase.

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