Where are they now? Catching up with more of the BBM Youth Support Alumni.

I have been tracking down some of our past awardees with the help of Google! So many of our past awardees have gone on to enjoy exciting careers. The BBM website has been updated with links to alumni websites and has been loaded with more reports from past awardees.

It has been exciting to make email contact with several of our alumni. Without exception they have emphasised the importance of the BBM Award in their development. Interestingly the benefits were not limited to extra tuition or the ability to attend theatres or visit farms, but also included the opportunity to grow as individuals. Experiencing new cultures, learning to travel and live on their own, making friends and industry contacts led to them coming back with a greater level of maturity and motivation.

Please read reports from Emma Moran, Alex Boneham, Pixie Enright-Hallett, Julia Billington, Laura Zunic of their adventures in ballet, music and drama and for a thoroughly entertaining report on agriculture be sure to read Tyaan Tuckey’s.

Alumni reports

New website links have also been set up for past awardees. Visit the links for Angela Blake (dance/drama) who has had an exciting career around the world, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood (Drama) who is currently filming a new Channel 7 drama “A Place to Call Home” (which also has recent awardee Michael Sheasby in the cast), Juliett Burnett (Ballet) who is a senior dancer with the Australian Ballet and Georgina Oakes (Music) who is studying for her music masters in Germany and performing as a clarinettist.

Alumni links page

5th October, 2012

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