Renee Gibson

Highly Commended


Category: Trade & Horticulture

Subcategory: Trade

Specialisation: Automotive

To say that I love my job is an understatement, and I enjoy the ability to share my passion and enthusiasm on a daily basis. I look forward to every opportunity to be a role model in any way I can, but especially for women within the trade, or any trade for that matter.

From a young age I thrived in any leadership role I was given. I embraced all challenges and focused on learning and improving in every way that I could. I pride myself on the hard work and dedication that I put into all tasks, making sure I accomplish each task to a high standard.

After completing a certificate II in Automotive Vocational Educational Training during my final years of high school, I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement through the Schools Industry Partnership Awards.

Whilst completing my Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology, my focus and passion towards the trade and my enthusiasm to mentor and help my peers stood out to my teachers, leading me to be nominated for the Cummins Scholarship through the Australian Trucking Association where I was one of three apprentices chosen around Australia to win and attend the Technology and Maintenance Conference in Melbourne.

At the beginning of this year I started my Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology as my next step to progress within my career. This enables me to achieve a high level of diagnostic experience and will help me with the continuing technological advancements within the industry.

My ambition is to be in a position of leadership, to guide and encourage others and perhaps take on challenges such as becoming a foreman, or even the first female service manager. No matter what role I take on, I hope that I can continue to make a positive impact throughout my career.

While completing my higher school certificate I took the opportunity to participate in a number of community programs. This resulted in my school awarding me with numerous service awards. I was involved with community service for the Westmead Children’s Hospital in the oncology department. I was part of a music performance at Governor Phillip Nursing home for their Remembrance Day service. I also represented the high school fitness group in multiple events, for example ‘Run 2 Cure Neuroblastoma’ and the ‘5K Colour Run’.

Since I started my apprenticeship through Volvo I have been involved in video interviews and photo shoots, as well as representing the company at a careers expo. This has allowed me to encourage and inform young men and women about the opportunities within the industry, and to motivate them to pursue their dreams.

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by a local radio station where the focus was on my achievements as a female in the industry. To hear such positive feedback drives me to continue my goal of inspiring more young women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated roles.

I applied for a BBM Scholarship because the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience from not only different roles within the transport industry, but from an overseas perspective would benefit my current role as a technician, would allow me to share this knowledge with my fellow colleagues and would provide opportunities to progress further within my career through Volvo Group.

The future product development that is currently progressing overseas is much more advanced than where we are within the industry here in Australia. The focus of electro-mobility and automation of vehicles is just one of many examples where Volvo Group continues to strive above and beyond within their core values of quality, environment, and safety.

Volvo Group’s aim is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. The chance to witness and be a part of some of the developments that are currently revolutionising the transport industry would not only be career-changing, but a life-changing experience.

It would be a huge privilege to be able to go to the headquarters of Volvo Group in Gothenburg, Sweden, to meet and learn from the people involved with the amazing innovations being tested and implemented globally.

The research and development that has gone into ground-breaking projects such as the world’s first ‘emission-free’ quarry using automated electric prototypes, is one of Gothenburg’s more recent award winning contributions to Volvo’s vision of  creating a more efficient and sustainable industry.

Learning about all of the hard work and innovative ideas that go into the research and testing within Volvo’s headquarters, motivates me to exceed in my role so that I am able to do my part in helping Volvo Group Australia to follow in their footsteps.

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