Ruby Grace Canning

Agriculture Scholar


My family and I have been raising stud and commercial cattle for many years, as well as annually selling weaners and stock which make their way into feedlots. We aim to produce cattle which are structurally sound, with good carcass quality traits that are consistent and meet regular production specifications. Additionally, we export cattle annually as part of the live beef export and to breeders in China and Indonesia. I believe by seeing enterprises in Canada and America I will be educated about technologies which may not be available within Australia currently, and how technology is being adapted to ensure production is innovative, ethical and sustainable.  

I also hope to gain an insight into how professionals believe that the increased population will be fed within future years, and ways of approaching the changing climates and methane production research. I hope to increase my knowledge about the high quality and consistency of Canadian and American beef and the reasons behind what makes it competitive within the international markets. 

I hope to gain industry contacts, whilst gaining insight into the feedlot industry, including topics such as carcass quality, cattle health, and value chain relationships. All of which are immediately related to my own beef cattle business as well as my future aspirations of being employed by MLA within supply chain management and being involved within the Red Meat Integrity System, once I complete my Bachelor of Business.  

I feel privileged to have grown up in such a thriving industry. I have seen society change immensely, especially consumers changing their preference to produce that has been raised sustainably via the utilisation of efficient practices.  

My love for the beef industry started when I was very young, as I am 6th generation beef cattle producer. No matter where I go in life, I plan to always continue my family legacy, and always have a herd of cattle. 

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