Saranja Crowe brings her talent home after UK experience

After gaining valuable experience dancing overseas, Saranja Crowe (2015/16 Ballet Awardee) has been given a full time contract with The Australian Ballet Company. Read the full report of her trip here or browse a few highlights below.

“Ballet soon took over my life and I moved to Melbourne at age 13 years old where I studied at The Australian Ballet School. I had five years of intense training before I graduated in 2015 with an Advance Diploma of Dance. This is then where it got serious, I was then out in the big wide world looking for a job with a Ballet Company. Winning this BBM Youth Support Award allowed me to pursue an overseas trip where could audition for many different companies and I was fortunate enough to also get offered some seasonal work.”

“I most enjoyed English National Ballet Company as that is where I spent most of my time and really got to experience what is was like to live and work right in the heart of London. I met and got to know a lot of the company members during my stay and was taught by many different world class teachers. I saw this company rehearse and was also a part of some rehearsals. This experience definitely helped shape me as a dancer and it made me even more committed to getting a job in a ballet company and performing.”

“Returning to Australia I was asked by The Australian Ballet Company to do some seasonal work, after 6 months of seasonal work I was then given a full-time contract with The Australian Ballet Company, one of my dream companies and one I have had eye on since very early on in the school. Looking back now I am very fortunate to have had the experience overseas with auditioning and seasonal work. Australia is very far away from the rest of the world, the BBM Youth Support Award allowed me to explore what the rest of the ballet world has to offer. The experiences with the people I met,
the auditions and the seasonal work has made me a stronger person as well as dancer.”


13th July, 2017

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