Scott Shearan – Award Update 7

16/03/17 – 18/03/18
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Friday night, finished work and headed straight to Birmingham Airport to fly out to Dublin for St Patricks Day on the Saturday. The joy of being able to fly to another country within an hour is great.

The tripped was planned with Jordan Andrews, another BBM Youth Support Awardee. We organized the weekend but due to most tourist attractions take over a day to do in Ireland and we were only staying until Sunday we decided see a bit of the city, visit the Guinness beer factory and go to various bars in the famous Temple bar area for Paddy’s Day.

Saturday, today is the day. Over-cast cloudy and fairly cold pretty standard over here during this time of year-  ha-ha. We started off by heading to a Classic Irish Pub in Dublin called Arthur’s Pub, where I had my first Guinness of the day off a fresh barrel, tasted beautiful and then Jordan and myself had some classic Irish food which tasted awesome. After that we headed to the Guinness Factory plenty to see and do, a really well set out tourist attraction and of course plenty of free samples of seasonal beers and their originals. After all the free samples and walking around the factory we headed up to the roof-top bar which had a 360-degree view over Dublin while we were getting free drinks. With a look over Dublin you can really see how Industrial the city is and I was quite amazed.

As time went on we decided to head towards to the Temple Bar Area, where we went to a numerous number of bars joining in with the Irish festivities of drinking plenty and singing along to live music, all the bars were crammed full of people, so it was an enjoyable experience. It came time to head home in the early hours of the morning and a small snow-storm had just started to hit Dublin it was quite funny seeing everyone running around on the streets while the snow was coming down with the fierce winds.

Sunday, we wake up and look outside everything was covered in snow, it must have fallen all night. Flights were delayed but on by a couple of hours, so I still was able to make it home at a reasonable hour.

Had a great time in Dublin, definitely will be heading back when I have more time to see the rest of it, plus it should be cheaper when it isn’t St Paddy’s weekend.

2/01/18 – 18/03/18
Location: Location: Coventry
Work: Aurrigo (RDMGroup)

After the break over Christmas it is time to head back into the exciting year ahead at work.

Brady was assigned an engineering task of developing the electrical structure and system of our demonstration pods in which he had done an excellent job and his first one that he had completed is now being showcased in our newly refurbished display stand in the Coventry Motor Museum. I would have to say that is a very highly notable accomplishment to say that as part of your placement with RDM group during your university degree a project you had completed is now being displayed in a United Kingdom Museum.

Brady was working with our Chief Technical Officer, Simon Brewerton who is an absolute genius. They had a project with Aston Martin on their Concept Vehicle, The Lagonda. The Lagonda was being unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The project was to do with many different electronic components on the vehicle which included the interactive steering wheel, automatic doors and much more. Unfortunately, Brady’s time was up in the UK and he had to head back to Australia to continue at University, so he wasn’t there to see it being implemented into the vehicle. The vehicle looks absolutely beautiful.

So what have I been up to – a lot!
With plenty of development going on in the driverless vehicle technology it isn’t stopping, developing faster and safer routes in our Urban development lab which will be implemented onto the streets. Working hard out in the cold, snow and late nights to make the improvements needed we are increasing production off the assembly line for the demands needed. We have also been working with a Singapore company who specialise in image recognition with Artificial Intelligence who spent over 2 weeks with us learning of each other pushing towards a promising future.

We have continued to work with Jaguar Land Rover in the urban development lab on their Human Interaction research, while also providing demonstrations various VIP from around the world including royalty of Saudi Arabia and more appearances in the news for autonomous development. We have started deploying vehicles in Milton Keynes as part of our involvement in the UK Autodrive while also continuing to develop our outdoor large outdoor test facility in Milton Keynes. We have just won a contract In Cambridge for a 3.2 million pound autonomous shuttle project where we will be developing an autonomous shuttle run in Cambridge for when buses are not running.


As well as working in the Autonomous vehicle technology, I have also been working on side projects for OEM’s on Concept items which are quite exciting to see what they are looking to try and implement into their vehicles as well as having more work to do with the British royalty.

We have just sent 2 more vehicles off to Australia where they should be arriving around early may for trials that will be held in Canberra, I will heading out around that time to look at commissioning those vehicles in Australia as well as leading the trials in Canberra, I look forward to coming home to do this.

20th March, 2018

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