Shannon Thompson: A keen eye for detail and heritage

Shannon Thompson has an eye for detail and a passion for restoring intricate Victorian encaustic and geometric floors. He has also learned the installation of replica floors and bespoke art murals.

Convincing the judges that he has the right mix of industry skills, ambition and community spirit, he is now one of the 2018 BBM Youth Support Award winners in the trades category. This success follows on from his earlier recognition as a WorldSkills Australia medallist.

Shannon is planning to travel to the UK to learn new techniques from international trade experts in his specialist area. With a wealth of heritage buildings, the UK offers unique learning opportunities for Shannon. He has already secured multiple training and work experience places, including St Helens College, to see first-hand how formal tiling trade education is delivered in the UK.

Eventually, Shannon hopes, he will return as a tradesperson who has the best practise and cutting-edge skills to restore Australia’s heritage buildings.

We look forward to seeing him go from success to success on his BBM journey.

Photos: WorldSkills Australia


1st November, 2018

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