Simon Tedeschi’s speech at the 2014 Awards Night!

World renowned pianist Simon Tedeschi received his BBM Music Award in 1998/99 as a young man eager to expand his musical horizons. In this engaging video Simon shares his personal BBM story and the lasting legacy his time in the UK has provided him, both as a musician and as a person. In addition to inspiring the 2014 awardees, Simon entertained the audience with his unique brand of humour and references to his early ballet aspirations as the ‘Nijinsky of the North Shore’.

Next week we will be posting the Q&A with BBM Alumni Steven Heathcote AM (Ballet Awardee 1984/85) and host Marika Aubrey (Drama Awardee 2002/03). To stay updated on BBM Youth Support subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

Simon Tedeschi’s speech at the 2014 BBM Youth Support Awards Night!

5th March, 2015

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