‘It was a win-win situation’: AYC manager shares his thoughts on community project

Last month, BBM Youth Support worked with TAFE Lidcome and Auburn Youth Centre to complete our latest Skills into the Community program. It was great to see the results, but we were keen to hear how Auburn Youth Centre found the experience. Manager Dean de Haas shares his thoughts:

‘The process began when BBM Youth Support contacted me to ask if Auburn Youth Centre would be interested in receiving some new furniture, and supporting students at the local TAFE – I instantly thought this sounded like a great project and was excited to hear more.

I learned that the project was created to allow the TAFE students to complete their Cert 3 Cabinetmaking – Kitchen and Bathrooms course by designing and completing cabinetry for a community organisation. We needed an update of facilities at Auburn Youth Centre so it seemed a great scheme to be involved in.

Over the following five months, I worked with BBM Youth Support and TAFE on what I needed to improve the experience at the Youth Centre for all visitors. Groups of TAFE students presented five designs to me, and I selected the designs that would provide the most space and storage. This included a computer lab and work spaces to seat 12; an entertainment unit and bookcase; four workstations, two reception cabinets and a baggage storage locker.

The install took place over two days, and it was lovely to have the students able to complete an end to end project and also inspire the young people that come to the centre to consider enrolling in TAFE.

I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out and I’m so glad I decided to take part in the project -it was a win-win situation. The final product is really top class, and thanks must go to blum for donating high quality materials.’


29th August, 2017

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