Terence Leung – Awardee Report

Terence is the most recent of last year’s Awardees to return after receiving his BBM Youth Support Award for Music. It is always great reading about Awardee experiences while they are overseas, we have included some snippets of Terence’s below. To read the full report Click Here.

From the 19th of May to the 6th of June I travelled to London and Manchester to experience a different environment of musical interpretation and performance. During the duration of my stay in London, I stayed near the Royal College of Music and took masterclasses from Mrs. Amanda Truelove. Similarly, when I travelled to Manchester, I had the fortune to be able to take lessons from Mrs. Hannah Roberts

“I learnt a lot from that lesson, first and foremost the importance of relaxing myself and hence the sound coming from the cello, also allowing longevity in cello playing, not plagued by the usual aches and pains string players get after a lifetime of musical endeavours.  After the lesson, I had the fortune of listening to the recitals of cello students in their final year at the Royal College play a wide range of music from Bach suites to Brahms Sonatas and Ligeti Solo Sonatas. I also got time to explore the nearby Imperial College and it was a welcomed distraction from the plethora of musical activities.”

“I had my lesson with Mrs Hannah Roberts on the 2nd of June, whilst her advice on the importance of detail and looking past the normal problems of intonation, rhythm was quite similar to that of Mrs Truelove, she also provided a different interpretation of each phrase and told me to analyse it myself and choose which option was best for myself and the piece.””

“I feel like I have learnt a lot from this trip to London and Manchester, not only in musical terms in understanding more about how to improve and self-learn, but also how to be truly independent as a person. I organised my accommodation and activities throughout the trip on my own and am quite surprised that things turned out as smoothly as it did. I would highly recommend London and Manchester as places to visit to a prospective BBM recipient not only for an entirely new musical experience but also for the physical one as well.”



10th August, 2016

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