Tiarne Mallaby

Agriculture Scholar


I love the Agriculture industry, I have loved it since I was young and picking up sticks on my small property outside the city, thinking I could work outside forever. I studied Agriculture throughout high school and took it further to University once completing my HSC. After some time at university I began to feel that I was lacking in experience, therefore I put my degree on hold to pursue Tocal College.  

There are certain issues in the agricultural industry that I would love to change long-term and short-term. Firstly, my plan is to change the youth opportunities for agriculture. We need more opportunities for younger adults, both from country and inside the city. The industry needs more young people, and this is a constant phrase we hear from farmers all across NSW, I dare say – all across Australia. I hope that in the future the number of young people in agriculture starts to grow, and I plan to join this movement. Bringing about more training facilities, getting city folk involved in more agricultural conferences and shows and introducing students to schools such as Tocal.

The main focus of my interest revolves around paddock to plate. I love the concept of fixing soils, to produce a quality crop, to feed an animal with all the nutrient components to then feed the world. Throughout my units in both my Certificate IV and Diploma, my interests were piqued with nutrition, and how producing quality products can influence an animals breeding, genetics and dietary uptake. Increasing sustainability in this country is imperative. Australia produces quality agriculture products, whether it be wool, meat or crops. Therefore, I believe improving the environment in which we produce agricultural goods is Agriculture Australia’s biggest task. Technology keeps improving, and this generation has the knowledge to fix or improve the way we produce. 

With the scholarship, I would love to learn how to be more sustainable, to witness how countries with climates and land completely different to my own produce agricultural goods. Targeting land management and environmental health, use of Precision Agriculture to produce quality and profitable products. I understand that Australia is a fairly old continent and traditional methods were used by the Indigenous community prior to the English colonising the country, however, cultivation of the land has only been used for around 230 years. How does a longer civilisation, that have used these practices a lot longer than Australia, cultivate today?  

Also, another interest is the way different breeds of livestock deal with different climates. Especially with the current climate of drought throughout the country, one of the worst and longest droughts this country has had to endure, the way others we can adapt to these constraints. 

I plan to be a leader in the Agricultural industry one day, to provide positive change and speak for both public and animal issues in this country. To make some sort of difference whether it is big or small is my end goal. With this scholarship I will the use lessons and knowledge I gain to improve the industry, to make it more sustainable and to increase its productivity. 

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