Tom Loane

Agriculture Scholar


I have a specific interest in beef cattle genetics and the contribution and influence genetics have on modern beef cattle production. I would love to explore the direction genetics are heading (such as more growth in cattle, smaller frame size etc.) in Canada. I believe the Canadian beef industry offers a reflection of the current and future global beef industry, and is at the forefront of genetic improvements. There are many areas of genetics where innovation is at the forefront, particularly surrounding developments in genomics in the beef industry. The increase in knowledge and capacity to effect change in beef genetics, will allow cattle to be bred to be much more sustainable – through improving adaptability to environments, increased weight gains and better fertility.  

Through meeting these industry leaders, I look forward to the opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills, particularly my communication skills, as well as learning from their wealth of knowledge.  

My professional medium-term goal is to establish myself within a leading beef company in a senior management role. My passion for the beef industry prompted me to study my degrees in Animal Production and Agribusiness. During my university time, I sought any possible opportunities to immerse myself in the beef industry, through work experience, courses and industry events. This led me to pursue a job with Hancock Agriculture, allowing me to build my skills and experience in corporate agriculture. From my current role as a Compliance Officer, I aim to gain more experience on farm and learn about the advances in genetics, animal handling and management. Next, I plan to improve my people management and communication skills. This will aid me in my future senior leadership endeavours. My long-term goal is to own and operate my own beef enterprise. I aim to implement all my skills and knowledge that I’ve gained into my own business to ensure its success and longevity. 

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