Tristan Krepp wins at Chelsea Flower Show

Tristan Krepp has written his name into Australian Horticulture fokelore over the weekend by being part of the first Aussie team to win Best In Show at the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

Nothing would have been further from Tristan’s dreams in December 2012 when he received the 2012/13 BBM Youth Support Sir John Pagan Award for Horticulture at the BBM Awards Night in Sydney.

A shy young man from Warrnambool in Victoria, Tristan has had a passion for horticulture since early childhood when he used to help his grandfather in the garden. He has followed that passion by undertaking Horticulture at TAFE Victoria.

When we realised that his visit to the UK would coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show we encouraged Tristan to approach the Australian team and volunteer to join up. Recognising Tristan’s passion and the opportunity that his BBM Award gave him, he was given a gurnsey! What an experience it has turned out to be. The opportunity to work with Horticulture professionals of the highest calibre on the world’s largest stage, an introduction to valuable industry contacts and an amazing addition to his CV!

Congratulations Tristan.

22nd May, 2013

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