Working with TOCAL Agricultural College

At the recent TOCAL Agricultural College graduation ceremony our CEO, Symon Scott, had the opportunity to meet some of the current TOCAL students who have received BBM Youth Support Awards. Based at Paterson in the Hunter Valley, TOCAL has been a leading education provider in the fields of agriculture and the environment for 50 years. TOCAL plays a critical role in developing young people from both country and city backgrounds as they take their first steps in the agriculture industry. BBM Youth Support offers around 20 Awards each year to young Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma students to assist them in meeting their tuition costs. For many of the students TOCAL is the first education facility in which they have felt truly comfortable learning. The live-in accommodation and the personalised support provided by the staff helps the students develop personally as well as academically. To learn more about TOCAL please visit their website at

Symon Scott CEO at the TOCAL Agricultural College graduation

Symon Scott CEO at the TOCAL Agricultural College graduation.

16th April, 2015

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