Zak Crowe

2021 BBM Horticulture and Landscaping Scholar

Supported by Mayfield Garden




I hope to travel to grow my landscaping knowledge and ability, especially around sustainable materials and the use of plants for environmental health.

I want to learn more about being less wasteful when building and using recycable building materials instead of using non-sustainable products that end up going straight to landfill when leftover or demolished.

Plants are especially important in any landscape projects as they produce oxygen and attract bees and other insects that sustain our ecosystems. I’m keen to further my knowledge in this area as I am worried about the damage our non sustainable ways do to our planet.

For my scholarship I think I like to travel to England or Canada. The implications of the different weather and systems of work really interest me. I believe that working anywhere new and experiencing different work places would greatly help improve in my professional development for my career and help me towards my goal of one day starting my own business, designing, creating and building landscape projects, big or small.

I look forward to completing my landscape design course so I can further my knowledge and start using my creativity. I have finished my TAFE component and I am in my last year of my apprenticeship.

I have already started running my own jobs on the weekends and building a client base just learning the ropes of running a business. After I finish my apprenticeship I plan on working half the week for my employer, and the other half working my own jobs.

Through my BBM Scholarship I want to learn better methods from other organisations, bring that knowledge back to Australia, practice these methods and promote them through my projects.

“Zak is career orientated and ambitions and appears to have a good grasp on industry shortfalls with a clear vision of contributing positively to the industry.” – BBM Industry Panel.

“I am so proud to be involved with this program on behalf of Mayfield Garden, a sponsor of the BBM Horticulture Scholarships. This is the third time Mayfield is sponsoring a young talent for this amazing opportunity. Congratulations Zak! We cannot wait to show you around Mayfield very soon and swap ideas about cool climate gardens.” Alex Muldoon


“Zak has been employed by Mortimer Landscapes for almost 4 years, and I have seen him develop into a mature, hard-working young man. We are a company that complete a variety of tasks related to both structural and soft landscaping and Zak has shown a high level of skill across the business, so much so that he has not yet finished his apprenticeship but is co-ordinating a team and over-seeing projects. He is incredibly trustworthy, loyal and honest and I know I can leave him on any job site knowing that we will get the best result possible. I highly recommend Zak as he will not only achieve, but exceed any expectations set out for him.” – James Mortimer, Employer.

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