Rhys Duggan: Recognising the Niche

Meet Rhys Duggan, a passionate painter and decorator with a keen interest in the conservation of Australia’s heritage buildings.

This specialist skill is in great demand in Australia, but skilled experts are rare and most innovation and knowledge comes from the UK.

Rhys stood out among the applicants for this year’s BBM Youth Support Awards for both his skill, which he had already proven in this year’s World Skill’s Australia competition, his industry knowledge and his commitment to his local community and its needs.

He will now travel to the UK to gain a greater understanding on surface coating techniques for early century buildings.

Rhys also hopes to build a network of international experts to assist him when he opens his own business.

We wish Rhys the best of luck for his plans and look forward to following him on his journey.

Photos: WorldSkills Australia


1st November, 2018

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